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Q: What is the maximum altitude you can provide an image for us?

A: FAA regulations restrict unmanned aircraft pilots to a maximum of 400 feet above ground level (i.e.: takeoff point).  Customers in need of imagery from elevations higher than 400 feet from launch point should reach out to traditional aerial imaging firms (i.e.: manned aircraft, helicopters).


Q: What is the image quality you can deliver for audio or video?

A: We can provide 4k video at 4096×2160 shot at 24 frames per second, or 3840×2160 shot at 24 or 30 frames per second.  Videos can be provided in .MP4 or .MOV format, depending on customer preference.  


Still images are 12 megapixels, and can be provided in JPEG, RAW, or both formats.


Q: Our location is near an airport, can you operate in this area?

A: It should come as no surprise that FAA regulations are very strict when it comes to unmanned aircraft operating near major airports.  Safety in air travel always supersedes any and all other concerns.  


Generally speaking, most airspace within a 5-mile radius around the 37 largest airports in the U.S. (such as Washington Dulles) is restricted and off-limits to any unmanned aircraft pilots. Waivers must be requested from the FAA in order to operate in these areas, they take some time to process, and they are not always granted.  Airspace restrictions around smaller airports - as well as private air strips and heliports - typically extends for 2-3 miles. Elevation Media, LLC can help determine what airspace restrictions may exist as your location, and - if permitted by FAA regulations - operate safely within there.


There is also a special 15-mile restriction around Reagan National Airport, for national security purposes.  This makes aerial imaging in Washington, DC itself (and close-in counties such as Arlington, Montgomery, Prince George’s, etc.) nearly impossible.  Elevation Media, LLC does not provide services within 15 miles of Reagan National Airport.


Q: Why does having an insured and FAA-certified pilot matter?

A: With the proliferation of drones in recent years, hobbyists taking to the skies and flying in an unsafe manner has created very real safety problems for innocent bystanders.  In response to incidents like this, the FAA has announced regulations whereby pilots engaging in commercial work with drones must pass a certification test and have their aircraft registered.


Any drone operators offering to provide you with commercial services that can not produce a valid FAA certification, are operating outside of the law.  Additionally, Elevation Media, LLC carries general liability insurance for its pilots in order to protect your business - whereas drone operators operating outside of legal regulations typically do not.


Q: What is your reshoot guarantee?

A: If - within 30 days of the completion of your job - you decide that you are not 100% satisfied with the work, we will do 1 full reshoot of your job and provide a new set of media files.


Q: Do I own the legal rights to the images you provide?

A: Yes.  For the files provided to you, you are granted all rights to use them as you see fit - there are no additional charges based on how the media will be used, as is typically the case with normal stock photography services. Elevation Media, LLC retains limited rights to images solely for its own marketing purposes.

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